• Bearings & Balls
  • Bolts
  • CNC Machining
  • Castings
  • Injection moulding
  • Springs
  • Sintring & MIM
  • Injection moulding

    Expert in plastic injection and micro injection for fluidics applications; we control the realisation of elaborated products by moulding including magnets moulding for counting purpose.

    We are very active in areas of:

    • High performing Solenoid Valve: medical and industrial purpose
    • Pump Turbine: automotive, medical, industrial purposes
    • Fluid counting sensors
    • Dosing pipette: medical purpose, industrial dosing
    • Chip micro dosing: medical, chemical, industrial purposes

    We work with such materials as:

    • Engineering Plastics PEEK, PES, PEI, PPS, LCP, PA, PC but also all other sorts of plastics including thermosetting plasticx. Perfect control of PEEK raw material, we are listed and recommended by the raw material manufacturer Victrex.
    • Liquid Silicone LSR for all your flexible part