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    Integral manufacturing and development of high-tensile fasteners

    Diameter: M6 - M24

    Length: 20 - 300

    Strength grades: 8.8, 9.8, 10.9, 12.9

    Supplier to the main worldwide vehicle manufacturers (cars, trucks, components, etc.) and to the industry in general.

    Certifications QS9000, ISO9001, and VDA6.1, quality homologations from our customers (Q1, EAQF, etc.)

    • Continuous quality improvement towards the zero defects.
    • Certified quality system as per the most important international
      standards QS9000, ISO9001, and VDA 6.1
    • Quality certifications from the main worldwide vehicle
      manufacturers (Q1, EAQF, etc.)
    • Multifunctional team working
    • Complete testing equipment to control and develop high tensile
    • International wire rod suppliers with quality guarantee.